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Young people and adults from all walks of life should have the opportunity to experience a hands-on approach to farming and land-based skills whatever the season! Increased motivation, health and wellbeing are all benefits experienced from working with animals in the great outdoors and Futures Farm can provide this for you.

We can help you INSPIRE, EDUCATE and MOTIVATE those in your care. As experienced educational professionals, we can help identify specific requirements and create personalised programmes designed to compliment and link with your own aims and objectives, enabling successful outcomes for every individual.


What we do

  • Educational programmes
  • Theraputic programmes
  • Adults and young people with additional needs
  • 1:1 and group work
  • Personal plans for individual needs

Who we are

Corina and Craig
  • Experienced teachers in mainstream and special educational provisions
  • DBS certified
  • CEVAS accreddited
  • Family history of local farming
  • Passion for sustainable practices
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08 Apr 2015

Our first trip to the poultry auction on Exmoor was a success.